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OK, before i begin, none of my comments are meant to hurt/insult/underrate you, contrary of that i wish to help you improve as an artist, so, lets put the table over the cards.

Vision. The camera style focus looks good yet it is not even and its a bit confusing to look at.

Originality. Be it an OC or a Fan pic there are plenty of pieces like this on DA, not including the pose but also the winter/blizzard theme, but i add to this the fact that your style is partially of original as some people make use of this style of design yet the details make people recognize it as your own.

Technique. The light source and the lightened areas differ and the shading of some areas makes this particular issue being noted easily.

Impact. I have been in DA for a very long time, just created my 3rd account, I've had the pleasure to watch various artists with styles and ideas of their own, your work is good but have seen similar and even bolder pieces so I don't feel quite astonished by your art.

That being said i end my critique, now, i wish to say that even after all of that i feel quite attracted by your work in general, its refreshing to find artists that fly away from the average to venture on the unknown space of innovation, you put part of yourself in each piece which makes them special and for me that is quite important. I want to congratulate you for your hard work and dedication to your art. If you don't mind i will add you to my Watch, keep it up, hope to hear more of you.

P.S. The eyes make her look a little derpy, like a chameleon. "Baby you look better from behind" XD.
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richten Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the critique.
Consider looking at newer works on my gallery, I feel this one has aged particularly badly, in part because it's kind of transitional in my style.
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